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Circus classes from the comfort of your home

Showtime Circus is now “Hometime” Circus

In order to try and inject some fun and silliness into an otherwise quite confusing time for children, showtime circus are now offering circus classes and general silliness from the comfort of your own home. With schools closing, we believe this will be a great way to still be a part of a community and to keep the children’s spirit alive, and also keep them active and entertained during the down time.

Children from anywhere can log on to our classes and join our community, even during normal school hours whilst the schools are closed. Importantly, the VERY first thing that will happen is that they will be sorted into different houses. The activities they complete will be rewarded with points which will go towards our House Cup!

These activities will include some circus skills, family involvement, lots of jokes and more! Most will be physical in an attempt to keep children active, but some will also use their brain power, putting circus fun into wordsearches and even algebra!

We are very excited to be able to offer this as a new way to communicate and keep children active and give them something to do whilst the schools are closed. It will also raise community spirit and keep them happy. For the younger children, we will be reading circus stories and acting them out live for you on zoom, and then we will send over our interpretation of the story using circus skills.

Children in our Big Tops classes and above will be sorted into their houses; Volantes, Gravitas, Sphera and Yactus and will gain points. There are VIP Heads of houses:

Jolly Mess: Volantes

Wacky Wizard: Cactus

Silly Sausage Sarah: Gravitas

Crazy Way Davy: Sphera

Challenges so far have been : tell the best joke, make up a jingle, guess where each house logo derives from and we can’t wait for our ideas to come.

We’re excited and feel fortunate to be able to roll out these classes to our current Showtime Circus family members, as well as to more children who want to be entertained and keep active whilst the schools are closed and they’re spending lots of time at home.

If you would like to be involved, please do just email:

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