Frequently Asked Questions



Who can be treated?

This event is open to the public, and our services are available to anyone over 18 years of age who needs free dental care. We apologize but we cannot treat minors, but we will be providing oral health screenings, fluoride varnish and oral hygiene education.

What services will you be providing?

After a screening examination, you will receive a cleaning, filling or extraction as determined by you and your provider. Due to demand, we can only offer one of these services per participant

Can I make an appointment?

We are not scheduling appointments, but will treat patients on a first-come first served basis. We will do our best to treat all patients, but cannot guarantee service.

How long is the wait time?

Wait times can vary from as little as an hour to as long as 3 hours depending on the availability of providers, services provided, and the number of patients. We recommend lining up as early as possible for faster service.

Is parking available?

On-site parking is limited but there is street parking in the area.

Are you offering additional days of free dentistry?

We currently do not have other days planned. If you are unable to attend our event on October 20, please refer to this list of free or low-cost dental providers in San Francisco and this list for East Bay locations.

I'm interested in volunteering. How can I help?

We are looking for dentists, hygienists and dental assistants to treat patients, as well as coordinators to help with registration, education, and much more. No clinical skills necessary, just a desire to make a difference! To register to volunteer, click here or visit: https://volunteer-at-smilesforall.eventbrite.com

Can my young child be treated?

We apologize but we cannot treat minors, but we will be providing oral health screenings, fluoride varnish and oral hygiene education. We can only accept up patients older than 18 years of age for dental treatment. To access free or low cost health and dental insurance, we recommend contacting California's Medi-Cal program.

I have impacted wisdom teeth. Can I be helped?

We unfortunately cannot provide wisdom teeth extractions due to the special needs of this procedure. We are only able to provide simple extractions.

I am a patient of South San Francisco Dental Care. Can I come to this event?

This event is created for those who do not have access to dental care or cannot afford it otherwise. We are able to hold this event, because of the support of our patients and we thank you for making it possible. We understand that some of our patients may also have financial constraints and would benefit from this charity event. You are welcome to participate, but please note who this event is intended to serve and that we cannot make special accomodations for you.


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