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Squad performance at The Magic Circle!

Here it is, yet another exciting opportunity for the children of Showtime Circus!

Wacky Wizard has weaved his magic and arranged for the ShowSquad to open the show during one of the magic circles flagship magic nights, “At Home 2019”

These shows are the featured showcase, where the finest magicians and members of the Inner Magic Circle come to show their skills to the public. Wacky Wizard (or Gareth as he’s known at the Magic Circle) has performed here many times, and has been asked to invite the amazing children of Showtime Circus, to come along, open the show on stage, and also watch the remaining magic show, including the tour of building and pre-show parlour magic sets! WOW!

Wacky Wizard has assembled some of his closest and finest colleagues for this evening on Tuesday 8th October, to ensure that you all are in safe hands.

To book your discounted tickets, you must do so via the link, select UNRESERVED SEATS and use the code “TREAT” before Tuesday 11th June, as tickets will then be released to the public at full price! so.. here are the instructions again..

  1. visit The Magic Circle


  3. enter the code “TREAT” all uppercase

  4. do this before Tuesday 11th June

You’ll be able to buy drinks in the venue, all the details are on the site. We will be going for dinner before, so check the WhatsApp group for more information!

Yours Magically

Wacky Wizard, Associate of The Inner Magic Circle SHAZZAM

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