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Dance World Cup


What a summer! As it draws to the close, I am sat reflecting on what an INCREDIBLE summer we had with Showtime Circus. So much fun was had at festivals up and down the country, at Marsh Farm in a BIG TOP every single day and performing as resident entertainers at Trapeze Bar too. Alongside camp, this certainly kept us out of trouble haha!! It was amazing and the joy could be felt by everyone at camp, by teachers AND children, it was just so great to be back at what we love doing most, hanging up side down!!

A personal highlight for me, Jolly Mess was being able to take my circus hat off and wear my “grown up” adjudicating hat as I was invited to be a judge for the Dance World Cup held this year in the glamorous Telford ;) haha.

WOW! The talent on stage was just INCREDIBLE and it was an absolute joy! To be alongside such high level professionals in the dance industry sat on the judging panel was a complete honour and I definitely had a “pinch me“ moment daily. With my background in circus, aerial and acrobatics, I was asked to be there as the Acro judge and give out the Acrobatic Award and it really was a complete honour with many of the routines completely blowing me away, and being of such an incredible standard that it really came down to personal choice. There were 3 judges each section and the scores were averaged out to find a winner. Everyone knew me as the judge who loved the minis and whenever routine included teeny weeny ones, I just completely fell in love! Some little tiny 4 year olds competing for a WORLD title. How actually incredible?

Showtime Circus is not competitive so it isn’t a goal to be on the stage alongside the competitive schools out there, but it certainly inspired me to make our squad work harder to create the outstanding cleanliness and unison that was shown on stage and to take our super fun squad to the next level.

If you want to learn awesome aerial, Acro and circus skills from the best in the business, but still have the most fun EVER then come and join us at Showtime Circus!

We run weekly classes in Milton Keynes, Harpenden and Hitchin and monthly associate courses too. Associates are for those students who really want to work hard and do circus/dance professionally so I wear my strict hat for these ;)

Our BTEC starts Sept 2022 as well and we have Open days in October and March so be sure to sign up if you’re wanting to enter the industry ahead of your peers by already knowing aerial and circus skills.

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