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Bolt On Circus to your Dance School!


At Showtime Circus we believe that every child should be enabled to discover the confidence and joy of creative performance. 

Now, we are inviting like-minded entrepreneurs to join us in this exciting business opportunity. 


Performers need additional skills like aerial hoop and silks now to secure a career in the dance world, so why not get ahead and start teaching them now! Showtime Circus offer in-depth training sessions with ongoing monthly support. We ensure that our operators have in-depth knowledge of the craft, every step of the way. 


As a Showtime Circus franchisee, you are joining a fantastic, ever expanding network. You will have the opportunity and flexibility to generate revenue through classes, parties, holiday camps, workshops and more. Our training is CPD accredited and 5 days of hands on training, so you can be sure that you really are getting the best training around.

We know that children want to learn aerial hoop and silks, but with our cleverly constructed syllabus, you are able to ensure that the classes you run are hugely profitable by adding the circus skills elements too - you can then add on additional aerial sessions knowing that you are making increased revenue from your circus lessons. 


We have been operating since 2018, working closely with our teachers to create and incredible training manual to enable owner operators to grow and build a rewarding business. Circus and aerial is continuously evolving, and so our franchise includes on going to training to ensure that you are keeping up to date with the latest safe practice, the support continues as you grow and develop. Your circus superstars will be invited to perform alongside our BTEC students and additional talented STC family at events such as Move it! CYD and BGT. 


You will get:  

- Please find below a list of what is included in your bolt on package. In red is what the real value for this would be separately!

A low start up fee, able to return on investment in just two months! Initial investment £4499 until end of Sept and then goes to £4999

- ALL equipment for weekly classes, including 6 monthly inspections and spares. Equipment costs £2500, rigging £350 each check

- Rent of our big equipment like walking globe, tightrope, big stilts, german wheel. Big equipment from £350-£2500 to purchase

- To be a part of a well known and respected brand

- A Fully Supportive Team

- Monthly alternating in person/online training days. You can pay around £250 per day for training days elsewhere 

- Annual Principals Conference 

- Annual incredible performance opportunities (2024: Move it, CYD?, Alton Towers, previous include: The Magic Circle, Benidorm Palace,  PRIDE festival and performances in Big Tops at huge festivals!) Priceless! 

- Social Media manager, templates and support

- Your own showtimecircus email and web page. £100 per year

- Promotional Marketing Video and help. £500 initial marketing package 

- Total for you : £4499 if contract signed and deposit (£550) paid by Sept 30th 2023. Total value: £7500+



We are offering teachers specific territories to set up their own weekly schools, as well as options to add a "bolt on" to your current dance school timetable or options if you'd just like to run birthday parties and holiday camps - all have huge potential financially and can offer fantastic work/life ratios. 

CURRENT LOCATIONS (Territories within listed towns):



Milton Keynes 








Please enquire if you would like to know if your territory is available. 

If you already run a circus or aerial programme then you are still welcome to come and join in our monthly membership, as it has HEAPS of benefits and is an accredited CPD course. In order to teach aerial and circus safely, you simply MUST complete hands on training with an experienced teacher in order to learn how to spot correctly. With our monthly membership, you get in person training days bi-monthly. Every alternate month, we hold business training which includes: canva, photography, mindset, systems and more. 

Also included in our monthly membership are weekly accountability meetings and a monthly check in too. 





“I wanted a chance to spread the happiness and joy that exists when watching the circus, by enabling children to learn from, and perform alongside, other industry professionals. My aim is to open possibilities to children that they may only have ever dreamed about!”

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