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Aerial Silks Beginner Moves 1

How to tie a bunny knot

Straddle into 360 drop prep

Flamingo into Swan


Lean Back/Upside Down Splits

Push Gazelle

Flamenco (In Bunny Knot -
can do in Foot lock too) 

2 Footlock into split and dove

Birds Nest

Flying Gazelle into Cats Cradle

Splits Roll Through 

Bonus Prep Vids!

French Climb

Russian Climb

Hip Lock 


The beautiful art of forming shapes with your body, while suspended from height, either on a hoop, rope, or silks.


The performance of extraordinary human feats of balance, agility and motor co-ordination.


An amazing skill which uses advanced hand-eye co-ordination.

It is scientifically proven that circus skills can greatly assist in the development of children’s brains, as well aiding in the growth in communication and social skills.

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