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I'm Jolly Jess! Owner, Founder and CEO of Showtime Circus!

As a passionate circus performer and professional dancer boasting over a decade of expertise, I'm on a mission to ignite the contagious joy that only the circus can bring. My dream? That every dance school will be able to offer aerial and circus to their students too, and that their training is high quality, in person and gives a fantastic syllabus to work from. 

Read more below to find out how you can add aerial and circus classes to your dance school with Showtime Circus and spread the magic to hundreds of your own students by introducing them to the spectacular world of circus!

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Did you know... You do not need to have experience in circus to open a Showtime Circus franchise!

What you need to know

How do I qualify for a Dance School Bolt on? 

If you already run a successful dance school, and have social proof that you know how to market your classes, have good numbers in class and can run a business, then you can qualify to run a Dance School Bolt on. We are reintroducing these in March ONLY as a celebration of our feature at Move it! The deadline to sign up for a Dance School Bolt On will be the 31st March when we will close our offer and everyone will move back onto our full price offer! 

What is the March Madness Move it Offer? 

We are offering any dance school who pay their deposit before the 31st March, our 2023 prices of just £4999. This does not include the AcroPAD, AcroTrix Qualification or AcroReady qualification though we can get you access to all of these for 10% off the RRP. The full price is usually £7999. 

What is a franchise?

A franchise is a business opportunity that allows the franchisee (possibly you!) to start a business by legally using someone else’s (Jolly Jess - the franchisor’s) expertise, ideas, and processes. One question many people ask is “why would I pay for a franchise, when I can just start my own business for free?” And it’s a great question, with an even better answer! 90% of franchises report profitability in the first 2 years, compared to 50% of independent businesses going bust in the first 2 years. The beauty of a franchise is that the business model has already been tried, tested and proven. A reputable franchisor will be able to provide you with facts, figures and franchisee testimonials to confirm the profitability and sustainability of their franchise.


What's included in your Franchise Package?

You get ALL of the equipment needed to run a Showtime Circus franchise, including:

  • 2 x aerial points (one silks, one hoop) 

  • ALL safety mats 

  • Ground based equipment need to run our syllabus (LOTS OF THIS) 

  • CPD accredited circus teacher training 

  • Ongoing support 

  • Access to our features at the huge events like CYD? and Move it! 

  • FREE hire of the large equipment like tightrope, slackline, walking globe and more. 


Is full training given?

Yes our training is 3 days of hands on circus training and 2 an optional days of online business training for Bolt On Package. This is CPD accredited meaning that you know you are getting the best training around. 

Where can you find teachers?

You can hire teachers who enjoy working with children as ALL circus training is provided. We have found that those with nursery backgrounds with a hobby of pole or hoop have made incredible circus teachers. Ex-professional dancers or performers, and fitness fanatics who enjoy spending time with children all make for amazing circus teachers! 


How do you earn your money back and make a profit?

You can start weekly classes straight away, though I would advise holding a paid open-day session first to drum up interest and ensure that these are full. We provide you with full KPIs which help you map out exactly how much you need per class to start making a profit. 

You can also run holiday camps as your first sessions as these usually sell out straight away! The children that attend the open day/weekly classes or camps will no doubt want a circus birthday party too which is an incredible extra revenue stream. 

Primary Schools would welcome a free taster session, and you can ensure that you take in leaflets to promote your classes and feature in their newsletter when you run these too! 


Is ongoing support provided?

Yes, we have ongoing in-person training to keep up to date with all of the hands-on skills. We also place brand new videos for each skill into our drive every single month so you have lots of new tricks to teach your students. 

Ongoing support includes weekly accountability sessions, monthly check-ins and monthly guided training too on various subjects. 

Are there any additional ongoing costs?

No additional costs unless you would like additional equipment. 

There is a 2% National Marketing fee and an 8% franchise fee each month which totals 10% of your turnover each month to be paid to the Franchise.  This helps with paying the teachers to update drives, your ongoing training and marketing to keep brand awareness high. It also goes towards increasing our reach and having a huge presence at events all over the UK. 

What areas are available?

You can franchise anywhere in the UK. 

Area which are unavailable and currently have franchisees in are:

  • Ampthill and Bedford

  • Bournville

  • Bolton 

  • Didcot

  • Harpenden 

  • Hitchin 

  • Huntingdon 

  • Kidderminster

  • Market Bosworth 

  • Milton Keynes 

  • Oldham

  • Tillicoultry 

  • Woking 

  • Worcester

Do you get full control over the school?

You get to decide when and where your classes are (within your territory, which we help you decide to be mutually beneficial) and you get to decide how many days of camp you do each holiday, when you would like to run birthday parties and whether you would like to team with local primary schools/nurseries to offer weekly classes in there too. You will stick to our tried and tested syllabus and plans but other than that, it is your business to run as you wish! 

Can another Showtime Circus branch open near you?

Your territory will be decided with Adam, our franchise manager who will choose a population that is circa 90,000 for you. No one will be allowed to open up within your territory, and you can have first refusal on an area just outside your initial territory if you so wish. 

Are there particular rules you must follow as a Franchise owner?

We have branding guidelines for your social media and advertising posts, and a syllabus that you follow in weekly classes, as well as party, camp and workshop plans. Other than that, you can have the MOST joy in creating a super fun place for children to be themselves. (And adults should you wish to add an adult class!) 

Are you in charge of your Franchise school finances?

You are solely responsible for your franchise school finances. You are your own business (advised to be a Ltd Company) and you send your financial reports to me once a month. 

How do I get started?

Book a call with Showtime Circus Owner, Jess, here!

Our training is CPD Accredited meaning that you know that you are getting the very best training out there.

Become part of a recognised and respected brand

Are you ready to reap the rewards of offering circus weekly classes, workshops, birthday parties and more for years to come?

Register now to be the only circus school in your territory and be one of the first to offer these incredible skills.

Your Discovery Day Zoom call will take 50 minutes and you will learn all about running your very own circus school.

Benefits of Franchising with Showtime Circus!

  • To set your own working hours 

  • A low start-up fee, able to return on investment in just two months! 

  • A fully supportive team

  • Monthly alternating in person/online training days 

  • Annual Principals conference 

  • Incredible annual performance opportunities (2024: House of Illusion, previous include: The Magic Circle, Benidorm Palace,  PRIDE festival and performances in Big Tops at huge festivals!) 

  • Social Media manager, content templates and marketing support

  • Opportunities to perform at Move it! and CYD? as well as special treatment for your students. 

  • All circus equipment supplied

  • Your own webpage and email address

  • Your own unique territory ensuring that no one else in your area can run Showtime Circus classes 

  • Free hire of our LARGE equipment *delivery fee applied if not picked up from training!

  • National marketing for parties and workshops

  • Promotional marketing video and help

  • The backing of an established and reliable brand

  • Knowledge and contacts

  • Continued business support

Do you want to...

🤪 Spread JOY to children in your area?

🏫 Be your own boss by working for yourself but not by yourself?

♥️ Teach children a huge range of skills?

🤸‍♀️ Create an inclusive place for children's development?

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