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Info about our first ever competition!

Showtime Circus COMPETITION!

First EVER Showtime Circus Competition 

Showtime Circus have always been a super inclusive FUN and friendly non competitive school, and we will mostly remain this way. Some children and families however, have reached out about maybe wanting to compete in some National competitions and I just thought that for these students, it would be a GREAT opportunity for them to perform at an in house competition first so that they can gain experience performing and competing as well as get valuable feedback from incredible judges in the industry. 

Jolly Jess grew up competing and has a few titles under her belt, and now adjudicates the Dance World Cup as Acro judge. This competition will be super fun and friendly, with zero pressure, and every single child will get an award and praise for entering. The guest judges will be the most friendly ones I know and be fair and firm. 

There will be opportunity for you to rehearse in your own venue with your own teachers, and also chance for you to do a dress run in the Competition venue on the day if you so wish. Costumes are available, more information on categories etc is below!

STC Competition .png

The competition will be now be held on the 16th September from 12:30pm and will be held at: 

Roundwood Park School ,



Children who take part will be required for a technical rehearsal before their competition. We invite all children who are competing to get to the venue for 12:30pm where we will rehearse/get ready and ensure that they are comfortable and confident on their equipment and in their costumes. The audience will be invited in and the competition will begin at 3pm. 

There will be sections, split into ages and experience: 

Novice is for someone who has never competed in that discipline before 

Open is for someone who HAS competed in that discipline before, even if they didn't place. 

Aerial (You will be put in sections based on equipment)

Circus (This can be a MIX of any circus equipment and acro/aerial)

Acro/Dance (Routine combining only acro and dance) 

Duet/Trios (Using ANY equipment as a 2 or 3)

Groups (Using any equipment with 4 or more people)

Age/Categories are: 

10 and under Novice 

10 and under Open

Over 10 Novice 

Over 10 Open 

Entries are £15 for your first entry and £7.50 for every second entry (Contact us if you would like to do a second entry.)

Entries are 2minutes and you may be deducted points if you go over your time limit. Music must be sent to us via wetransfer before the day (Or easy to find on Spotify.)

You will need to click the link above to enter your child to compete and then also book tickets for the spectators too. 

Hiring the hall, providing prizes and getting awesome judges in obviously costs a price so we do need to charge for this awesome opportunity in order to be able to offer it again in the future. 

It will be a REALLY fun event and a fantastic way to gain experience for the children performing, working hard towards an end goal and also having a sense of achievement for those who win, and something to strive for for those who may not win the first prize, but win in MANY other ways. 


Aerial LaCie



You will pick ONE piece of equipment and your music. 

You can start ON the equipment, or you can do some dance or acrobatic movements towards the equipment before you get on to your equipment, but you are timed from when the music starts. 


You can use ANY equipment, including mixing ground based and aerial. 


You will be on jigsaw mats. 

For all categories, you will be marked on: 


Show off your BEST moves on your chosen equipment, making sure that the transitions between movements are fluid.


Try your best to make your routine fit to the music as best you can, try and listen to the music and pick out bits that you want to create bigger movements to.


Make sure your lines are good, so you have stretched legs and pointed toes.


Make sure that you are smiling throughout and looking at the judge and audience. 


Make sure you are well groomed with a nice costume, hair and make up if you wish. 

We have the following trophies: 

Overall Winner for each age group/Section

Runner Up for each age group/Section

Most promising for each age group/Section

Most Musical for each age group/Section

Most Entertaining for each age group/Section

(So you can see, a lot of trophies, there will not be a child left without, this is a Showtime Circus competition after all!)


The beautiful art of forming shapes with your body, while suspended from height, either on a hoop, rope, or silks.


The performance of extraordinary human feats of balance, agility and motor co-ordination.


An amazing skill which uses advanced hand-eye co-ordination.

It is scientifically proven that circus skills can greatly assist in the development of children’s brains, as well aiding in the growth in communication and social skills.

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