Dancer, Circus-Performer


Sarah began training in her native Yorkshire in Dance and Gymnastics as a child, she then went to Italia Conti where she trained for 3 years in Musical Theatre and teacher training. While there she gained her qualifications in teaching the ISTD syllabus in ballet, tap and modern.

She then began her career performing all over the world where she has been lucky enough to be involved in a variety of productions including; Cruise ships, Pantos, Christmas shows, UK and international tours. During this time she met some incredible people and also had the chance to train in acro/partner work and other circus skills, not only that but this is also where she met Jolly Mess.


Sarah has been involved in Showtime Circus from the beginning and absolutely loves being part of this growing company and the family that it has created.


She was originally Silly Sarah but once she had a sausage dog the children insisted on christening her Silly Sausage Sarah.

So Silly Sausage Sarah it is!


Getting kids to tap into their well being, and to find calm in difficult times. 

Working their bodies In benefiting ways and mindfully moving and stretching themselves to happy humans. 


Certified yoga instructor 

Higher national diploma In Dance and Drama 

DDI ballet teaching qualification 

Sarah Teaches






What's your circus name and why?

My Circus name is Silly Sausage Sarah (christened Silly Sarah by the kids a long time ago), they then decided to add sausage because I have a silly sausage dog.


What classes do you teach at Showtime Circus? 

Dance and circus skills 


What's your favourite thing about circus? 

Ummm everything. The craziness, the family, watching the children grow and improve.


Where did you train?

Italia Conti 


What's the funniest memory (favourite thing if you've not taught yet) you have from Showtime Circus? 

I have too many 


What has been your most fun performing job? 

I should say performing on cruise ships (where Jolly Mess and I met). Anything travelling the world is fun, touring Australia was cool.

Do you have any pets?

Of course, Dash. What he lacks in legs he makes up for in personality

What's your favourite flavour Donut? 

Or is it doughnut? I mean I'll eat anything but I'm more of a savoury snack gal. Crisps are my weakness.


What flavour ice cream is your favourite? 

Salted caramel


Can you touch your nose with your tongue? 

Well now I'm trying...nearly!