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Nellie the Elephant trained in Musical Theatre for three years graduating in 2013. She previously trained for 16 years, learning many styles including Modern, Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Street and Gymnastics. Natalies professional performance career began with Qdos Productions when she joined their production team onboard Celebrity Cruises. It was during Natalies second contract with Celebrity Cruises that she got the opportunity to train as an aerialist in Miami working with Stiletto Entertainment, TAG and Kylie Minogues production team, Temporary Entertainment. Natalie worked with Celebrity cruises for many years as a Dancer, Aerialist and Dance Captain. She then joined the UK tour of Beat Street and Rocketman working for Viva Productions. After completing this contract and touring the UK for 1 year she moved to London where she has worked extensively in the cabaret industry. Since living in London, Natalie has had the privilege to use her experience to teach many students for Stagecoach, Showtime Circus, Musical Mayhem and Party on a Cloud.


Nellie Teaches



Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Swing, Burlesque.


Qualified rigger and instructor, as well as offering mobile rigs.





What's your circus name and why?

My circus name is Nellie the Elephant 🐘 because Elephants are my favourite animal. Also elephants are constantly eating and so am I! In fact they eat the equivalent of 375 tins of beans every day. 


What classes do you teach at Showtime Circus?

I teach Aerial, Dance, Yoga and mindfulness and poi at Showtime Circus.


What's your favourite thing about circus?

Learning loads of amazing new skills and making lots of friends.


Where did you train?

I trained at Phill Winston's theatre works.


What's the funniest memory you have from Showtime Circus?

My funniest memory... there are far too many! When you get to work along side Jolly Mess you laugh a-lot. 


What has been your most fun performing job?

My most fun performance job is my first professional contact onboard celebrity cruises when i got to perform and travel the world with people who have become friends for life! 

Do you have any pets?

I will be picking up a new puppy at the end of November. His name is Tiberius and I'm so excited to bring him home. He needs a showtime circus hoodie.  


What's your favourite flavour Donut?

Im a sucker for donuts so i will happily eat any flavour but my favourite is lotus spread. 


What flavour ice cream is your favourite?

My favourite flavour ice cream is salted caramel. 


Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

I can touch my nose with my tongue, photo evidence will follow. 


The joy felt when watching the circus can only be mirrored by either going again, or learning the skills yourself!

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