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Milton Keynes 

Learn about the different classes and camps available and find the right class for you.

Showtime Circus - Milton Keynes 

Here you can find info about all of our classes, camps and events in Milton Keynes 

We currently offer regular classes covering general circus skills for children aged 3-16. We also offer specialised classes which focus on a specific skill, for example, advanced acrobatics and advanced aerial. For those adults out there who think it would be amazing to keep fit while hanging from the ceiling, you’re also catered for in our adult classes.

Dance/Musical Theatre classes are taught by only the best musical theatre performers who have many years of experience delivering lessons to children. We focus on technique and FUN!

Acro classes are great for children to learn gymnastics moves that they can perform on the floor. It is a specialised circus skill and we follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus to ensure that all children develop their strength and flexibility in a way which promotes injury prevention and has strong development.

Aerial classes are where the children learn moves on aerial silks, hoop or trapeze which are suspended from either the ceiling or from our specially designed rigs.

Conditioning classes are specifically for working on the strength and flexibility needed for the children to improve their circus skills.

Squad class is for those who adore circus and wish to be involved in performance opportunities all over the UK and abroad! There is a level of commitment expected in order to be a part of showtime circus squad as the standard of opportunities the children get is very high!

Adult classes are for those over 16 who wish to do aerial in order to get fit and flexible instead of going to the gym!

General Circus classes are by age and in these, the children will learn a huge range of circus skills including acro and aerial but also stiltwalking, jugging, poi, magic, hula hoop, tightrope and LOADS more!

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